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Why Coaching Consultation Sessions? Coaching consultation sessions are designed to provide opportunities for personal growth and professional development. Coaches will benefit from having an outlet and professional resource to process ongoing concerns and develop strategies to best manage their team.

Who would benefit from Coaching Consultation?

  • Coaches who have a "growth mindset" and are interested current best practices in mentoring and motivating today's athletes.

  • Coaches who are interested in having a professional outlet and sounding board" to process and consult about ongoing issues and concerns.

What is Dr. Julie's approach? Dr. Julie brings positive energy and enthusiasm in her work with coaches. She relates in a casual and personal way, and enjoys helping coaches problem-solve challenging situations. Dr. Julie seeks to understand the coaching and program philosophy and culture through observation of practice, film, and team and staff meetings, and any other opportunities to informally engage with the coaches and team.  

How are sessions conducted? Dr. Julie provides individual coaching consultation sessions as a stand-alone service, or as a standard component of a team consulting package. Sessions can be in-person (on campus), or by Facetime or phone. 

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