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Why keynote speaking? Delivery of a keynote speech regarding a sport and performance psychology topic allows efficient delivery of a message to a large audience. It is a great way for a college or university to comply with NCAA guidelines which recommend providing athletes with more educational opportunities and resources on mental and emotional health. 


What is Dr. Julie's style? Dr. Julie is genuine, energetic, positive, and engaging. She keeps things fresh by often asking for audience participation, showing short video clips, and using humor to deliver her message. She has served as a keynote speaker in a variety of settings, including elite camps, awards ceremonies, college orientation programs, conferences, training seminars, and on the national stage at the Women's Basketball Coaches Association Convention. 

What are some possible topics?  Dr. Julie can tailor speeches to fit your specific needs. She has delivered speeches on a variety of topics, including:  Performance Anxiety, Sleep, Mindfulness, Visualization, Positive Thinking, Arousal Management, Teamwork, Relationships, Coping with Injury, Making the Transition to College Sports, Making the Transition to Life After Sport, Recognizing Mental Health issues, Concussion, etc.

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