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Why individual sessions? Individual sessions are one-on-one meetings that are designed to help clients discover their unique path to high performance.

Who would benefit from individual sessions?

  • Athletes who are experiencing a "slump" or underperforming for reasons that do not appear to be related to physical ability.

  • Athletes who want to gain a competitive advantage and push the boundaries of their performance by proactively developing mental skills.


What is Dr. Julie's approach? Dr. Julie is invested in the athlete's overall well-being and personal development. She is genuine, positive, and supportive, which often leads to forming lasting relationships with athletes and coaches alike.  She helps clients better understand their own values and guiding principles and assists them in identifying potential obstacles to peak performance. Dr. Julie does not rely on any one specific strategy or method, recognizing that each person is unique and there are many pathways to high performance. Instead, she provides education on some best practices in the field of sports psychology, and engages clients in exploring what approach works best for them. 

What kind of skills will one acquire in working with Dr. Julie? Dr. Julie helps athletes increase and maintain confidence and improve calm and focus during pressure moments. She provides psycho-education about a variety of topics, including sleep, emotions, and the neuroscience behind performance. She teaches skills such as mindfulness, development of routines, goal-setting, positive self-talk, arousal management, and visualization.

How are sessions conducted? Sessions typically last 45-60 minutes, and can be conducted in-person (on campus), or by FaceTime, Skype, or phone.

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