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Why Team Consulting? Team consulting is designed to provide athletes and coaches access to a sports psychologist throughout the course of a season. The goal is to equip athletes and coaches with mental skills they can use to be prepared to perform at their best in high stakes environments. 

Who would benefit? Any team looking to invest in the mental aspects of performance to gain a competitive edge.


What is Dr. Julie's style? Admittedly - team consulting is Dr. Julie's sweet spot. She loves becoming a part of the team and culture, and following the progress the team makes together throughout a season. If Dr. Julie is your sports psychologist, she is also your biggest fan. She enjoys observing select practices and games to better understand the unique interpersonal dynamics within the team. Her style is dynamic and interactive, while also delivering educational content about mindset skills the team can utilize to pursue their best. 


How does the Team Consulting model work? Team consulting packages can range from a single team session, to having Dr. Julie as part of the program for the duration of the season. A season-long package typically includes weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly consulting visits to campus. A standard consulting day includes:

  • 4 hours for individual sessions (typically 30 minutes/session)

  • 1 hour for consultation with coaching staff

  • 1 hour for team psycho-educational session, guided visualization/relaxation, and/or observation of practice/film

The team consulting model and number of visits is customized based on teams needs and budget. 

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